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    This will depend on your particular project and ambient temperature but typically curing times of 6-8 hours for light pedestrian traffic applications and 24 hours for light vehicular traffic should be allowed following installation of the Addastone surface if the temperature is 20°C or above. A full cure will be achieved within 7 days. 


    All treated Addastone surfaces must be swept to remove excess stone within 7 days of surface installation. Sweeping should be by mechanical sweeper or by hand.

    A further mechanical sweep should also be carried out after 1-3 months to all vehicular and pedestrian areas. Sweeping should be carried out by the main contractor or client. A visual examination should also be carried out to check that no or very little aggregate is left on the surface at this time.

    It is important that little or no loose aggregate remains on the surface as this could result in the bonded aggregate splitting and working out of the resin, resulting in degeneration of the surface. This could negate on any guarantees agreed with the Addastone installer.


    Oil, dirt or other common stains should be removed by applying a household detergent or similar degreaser. Apply neat to the contaminated surface using a stiff brush and allow to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, all areas should then be pressure washed or hosed down with clean water as required.

    For heavy contamination or for regular general cleaning Addaclenz can be used, available direct from Addagrip Terraco Ltd  (01825 761333).

    Under normal external usage Addastone surfaces require little maintenance or cleaning. In areas where high direct contamination is likely a regular blast by a suitable pressure hose is advisable.

    Mechanical sweepers using metal bristles must not be used at any time.


    Any moss or weed growth that occurs should be treated using an appropriate herbicide. Any ingrained algal growth can be removed and the colour of the original Addastone surface restored by applying a strong bleach solution. The bleach solution however should be applied in accordance with manufacturers guidelines and local environmental constraints. After application with the bleach the surface must be rinsed well with clean water.

    Please note that staining may occur from tanning if surfaces are not kept clean from leaf debris, conkers etc.


    To prevent staining of treated surfaces by oil, drinks etc, Addastone Surface Protector should be applied (see product data sheet).


    Chewing Gum should be removed by using a specialist Gum Removal company.  Alternatively, protect surfaces with Addastone Surface Protector to aid chewing gum removal.

    NOTE: Addastone Resin Bonded Surfaces are resistant to acid and alkali, however some staining of the aggregates may occur.


    Damaged surfaces should be repaired as soon as possible. Please contact the contractor who installed the surface.


    Where a trench has been taken out or deep intrusion made, a saw cut should be made around the surrounding area to achieve a neat and straight edge. The asphalt reinstatement must be well compacted and allowed to settle for a minimum of 28 days. The chosen Addastone resin should then be carefully butted up to the existing Addastone Surface and then blinded out with the chosen aggregate. When the resin is cured the excess aggregate should be swept off.


    Snow may be cleared using a rubber bladed Squeegee, Scraper or shovelled using a Nylon Bladed Shovel. Salt or grit may also be used as required.