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    Addastone is a two part resin bonded surfacing system designed to bond natural aggregates to a macadam or concrete base. The finish provides an attractive, safe, hardwearing and low maintenance surface for pedestrian and vehicular areas where aggregate appearance is desired and is designed to give the appearance of natural loose aggregate.

    N.B. When specifying aggregates for resin bonding ensure specification is “washed and dried”. Do not re use aggregates or pre existing driveway gravel etc as adhesion will be compromised.


    All bituminous surfaces to be treated with Addastone resin should be sealed with ADDACRYL PRIMER (refer to product information sheet) to prevent the resin from soaking into the capillary pores.

    New bituminous surfaces should be installed and compacted to current British Standard Specification. 

    Suggested surface course requirements

    Existing bituminous surfaces should be of sound construction as weakness could result in a bond failure or blistering. We STRONGLY recommend that the client has core samples taken to confirm base suitability.

    Concrete and timber surfaces should be primed using EP ADDASTONE PRIMER.

    Steel surfaces should be degreased and lightly shot blasted or suitably abraded prior to application of EP ADDASOL SHEILDCOAT PRIMER (refer to product information sheets).

    Base Build Ups

    • Resin Bonded Base Build Up