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    Various independent tests confirming the suitability of the Addagrip 1000 System Resin for the treatment of damaged concrete pavements have provided the following results:
    General description

    The Addagrip 1000 System is a concrete repair system that consists of a specific resin and aggregate. The purpose of the aggregate is to increase roughness of the pavement. The system has been developed to treat top layer as well as deep damage and to seal small cracks and spalled surfaces on concrete airfield pavements. Applying the Addagrip 1000 System Resin onto the damaged or spalled surfaces of concrete will prevent further deterioration prolonging the life of the concrete.


    Laboratory tests were performed to determine the hydrophobic and physical properties of the system using 10 x 10 x 10cm blocks of B35 Concrete.

    Evaluation of roughness using a 1mm aggregate

    Concrete roughness ratio (without surface treatment) 



    Coefficient of variation



    Roughness factor after application of the system



    Coefficient of variation


    Protection against absorption of water and aviation fuel

    Absorption of samples in water (without surface treatment)



    Absorption of samples with surface treatment



    Reduction of absorption



    Absorption of samples in aviation fuel without surface treatment



    Absorption of samples with surface treatment



    Reduction of absorption


    Freeze resistance
    Freeze and de-icer tests have been made, the tests over 200 cycles of freezing and defrosting of the 10 x 10 x 10cm cubes treated in the system provided the following results:

    During the tests the top layer condition and any increase of absorption was checked.


    Strength reduction after freeze resistance cycle completed



    Mass decrement of samples

    not evident


    De-icer resistance



    Absorption of samples after freeze resistance test


    Adherence to the concrete
    Tear of resistance tests were carried out using a SP-1 Hydraulic Device, results as follows:-

    Mean value



    Minimum value


    The tear off occurred in the concrete layer.

    High temperature resistance

    Temperature resistance checking of the hydrophobic agent consisted of 20 test cycles. In each cycle the samples covered in the system were dried in temperatures of 110 °C and then checked for absorption in water at a temperature of 18 °C – 20 °C.

    No macroscopic changes and mass losses have been evident during the test.

    Capability of applying line marking paints on to treated areas

    Application of chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic paint and epoxy paints have proved easy and successful.