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    Stonebound is our latest seamless Resin Bound finish designed to meet the demands of the growing domestic market. Stonebound offers a competitively priced system to treat patios, paths, pool surrounds and driveway projects. The product provides a world class finish similar to our large-scale Resin Bound product range that has been used at Kew Gardens, Royal Palaces and numerous other prestigious sites in the UK and overseas.

    Installed by our network of nationwide installers or available for D.I.Y. installation, Stonebound is suitable for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic projects and is only available from Addagrip Terraco Ltd.

    Stonebound Crystal Resin and Stonebound Amber Resin

    Stonebound is available in an exclusive range of four Crystal UV stable and four Amber Non-UV colours, each blend can be mixed with either a 5.25kg units of Stonebound Resin for footpaths and patios or 7.0Kg units for turning driveways. 

    Aggregate blends are all based on a standard 105kg batch which we will be stocked in Uckfield to allow your order to be shipped complete with the Stonebound Resin of your choice allowing your order to arrive together on one delivery or collection, subject to availability.

    • Benefits

      Economically priced

      SUDS porous



      Low maintenance


      Wheelchair friendly

    • Applications





      Pool Surrounds

    How to order Stonebound Crystal Resin and Amber Resin Systems
    • Stonebound Crystal Resin

      5.25kg units Stonebound UV  (ASB-UV-5.25)

      7.00kg units Stonebound UV  (ASB-UV-7)

      36 x 5.25kg units Stonebound UV  (ASB-UV-5.25)

      36 x 7.00kg units Stonebound UV  (ASB-UV-7)

      1 x 250ml unit PU Accelerator (AS-PCT)

    • Stonebound Amber Resin

      5.25kg units Stonebound Non-UV (ASB-NUV-5.25)

      7.00kg units Stonebound Non-UV (ASB-NUV-7)

      36 x 5.25kg units Stonebound Non-UV (ASB-NUV-5.25)

      36 x 7.00kg units Stonebound Non-UV (ASB-NUV-7)

    Contact us to discuss your requirements -  tel: 01825 761333 or email: sales@addagrip.co.uk

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    We can also supply a range of tools and equipment at competitive prices - contact us for more information about Mixers, Power Trowels and Screed Boxes.

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    To speak to a member of our technical sales team to discuss your project or order telephone 01825 761333 or email sales@addagrip.co.uk

    Why Choose an Addagrip product?
    Suppliers of the first UK BBA Certified Resin Bound surfacing range.
    Installed by our nationwide network of trained and approved contractors.
    Established 1980 - over 39 years' experience within the resin surfacing industry.