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  • Addagrip Rubber Riser and Adhesive System 

    Addagrip's Rubber Riser & Adhesive System is used for the repair and reinstatement of ironwork's that are failing in the carriageway.

    Over time, with heavy traffic, traditionally installed iron work can fail and require repair.  This has traditionally been carried out using resin mortars mixed on site and reinstatement with hot asphalt compounds.

    The Addagrip Rubber Riser and Adhesive system provides a fast and simple solution to repairing damaged ironwork

    . No Water - No Mixing - No Hot Works - No Waiting


    Installing Addagrip Rubber Riser could not be simpler:

    Dig out existing ironwork

    Remove all loose broken mortar and bricks to leave a good clean level surface.

    Adhere the selected Addagrip Rubber Riser to the clean surface using the Addagrip Riser Adhesive.

    Apply the Addagrip Riser Adhesive to the top of the rubber riser ensuring no gaps between the adhesive.

    Apply Addagrip Riser Adhesive to underside of the ironwork frame, again ensuring no gaps and then simply lay onto the Addagrip Rubber Riser.

    If required, several Addagrip Rubber Risers can be used to achieve the correct height. Tapered versions also available.

    Reinstate the surrounding area with Canader (CE) 6mm cold lay permanent tarmac to complete the job, then open to traffic.

    The Addagrip Rubber Riser system  allows you to complete these repairs without the need for any mixing or hot-works on site, the repair can also be opened to traffic immediately! saving time and money spent on site and allowing your operatives to complete more jobs each day!

    Canader 6mm tarmac is CE marked and complies with current UK & European law! therefore it is also suitable for all asphalt repairs. 

    No Water - No Mixing - No Hot Works - No Waiting 
    Saving you time and money on every installation!
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