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    'No-dig' surfacing solution for park in Putney, London

    Contractor True Grip Ltd

    250m2 Terrabase Rustic Oak

    Terrabase Rustic was recently selected for a ‘no-dig’ project creating new pathways across existing grassed, macadam and gravel areas in a popular park in Putney, London.

    Addagrip approved contractor True Grip Ltd was approached by a local authority to provide a quote and proposal to upgrade the existing pathways and create new paths to the Leader’s Gardens, a small public park lying alongside Putney Embankment, opened in 1903.

    True Grip proposed Addagrip’s Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound surfacing to be laid over the existing paths to reduce the environmental impact from an excavation and reconstruction process. 

    One of the issues to be resolved was that the tree roots could not be disturbed so a ‘no-dig’ system had to be applied around the trees and rooted areas. For these ‘no-dig’ areas True Grip specified Addagrip’s Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound system to be laid directly onto the existing grass and directly over the rooted areas, creating a new pathway. This meant that the trees and tree roots were not disturbed and due to the porosity of the Terrabase Rustic system, precipitation would not be reduced, irrigating the existing surface without changing the trees’ climate or environment.  

    250m2 of Terrabase Rustic Oak 6 -10mm aggregate blend was selected to provide attractive, hard wearing, natural aggregate pathways that are low maintenance, seamless and in keeping with the park setting. The porosity of the Terrabase Rustic system allows essential drainage to reach the tree roots and provide all year round access for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

    The Project was a great success and the paths now provide a circular route around the Beverley Brook area.