Addagrip CPD Presentations

Certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service

Throughout the year Addagrip Terraco offers CPD Seminars on Resin Based Surfacing options certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service.  

Our CPD seminar provides information on Resin Bound Porous Surfacing, Resin Bonded Surfacing and Tree Pit Surfacing Systems together with advice on suitable Specifications, Base Build Ups and SuDS requirements.  This is followed by a Q & A session.

At the end of the CPD seminar there is also an opportunity to discuss current and future projects and the suitability of various resin surfacing options for particular project requirements. 

Full CPD content includes:

Resin Bound Porous Surfacing - Resin Bonded Surfacing - Tree Pit Systems - SuDS Requirements - Recommended Base Build Ups - Specifications - BBA Certification.

If this is of interest, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a CPD at your offices (light lunch included)  - or telephone 01825 761333.

Alternatively please complete our Enquiry Form requesting CPD information and a member of our team will contact you.


"Mark provided a thorough presentation of the Addagrip products.  He was knowledgeable of all aspects and we hope to specify the product in due course"  - Mark Folkes, Folkes Architects

"‘Concise and useful information, well presented" – Oliver Howard, Coleman Anderson Architects

"Very Informative and a great CPD!" – Stuart Coleman, Coleman Anderson Architects

"The CPD was informative and we will be specifying your products for our next project" - May MacIntyre, Landscape Architect

"A really clear CPD, with thoughtful answers to our questions and lots of useful information for architects" – Ione Braddick, Architect, Archio Ltd

“I recommend that you advertise these products extensively because most developers keep asking about these products” – Williams Kissiedu, Technician Engineer, Essex Highways

“Excellent, well run presentation that provided useful insight to the products available” – Nathan Smart, Engineer, Essex Highways

"Well presented, easy to understand. Clear and confident knowledge of products, supported with a variety of samples" - William Cork, DK Architects

"Very clear and concise presentation, great products and the no-dig solution is particularly interesting" - Chris Hlaing, Sampson Associates

Find out more about our full range of Surfacing Systems and Finishing Materials

As well as our Resin Bound and Resin Bonded surfacing options, we also offer an extensive range of Surfacing Systems and Finishing Materials for Domestic and Commercial schemes.


    The Addagrip range of Resin Bound Surfacing Systems provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi-porous paving using a range of natural and recycled aggregates.


    The Addagrip range of Internal and Industrial Flooring Systems provides hard wearing, low maintenance and decorative surfacing solutions to suit Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.


    The Addagrip 1000 System Resin has been specifically developed to treat frost damaged, spalled or smooth concrete airfield pavements, concrete roads, concrete ramps and steps.

  • Finishing materials

    Addagrip offer a selection of innovative and environmentally friendly Terraco finishing materials here in the UK including high quality fillers, plasters and External Wall Insulation systems.

Contact us: ,  tel: 01825 761333  or complete our Enquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you.