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    Velvetex - Colour Swatches



  • Turn every wall into a master piece! 

    Terraco Velvetex is a metallic effect coating that can create both an aged and/or modern shimmering look to interior walls. Using a combination of special effect additives Velvetex transforms plain walls into vivacious three dimensional surfaces. Most commonly used to create a feature wall it transforms any room to give it character and light. Velvetex is leading the current in design trends and available in an attractive range of colours and shades. It promises to transform any room into a focal point.


    Velvetex gives a unique pearlescent metallic lustre

    A soft touch velvet effect

    It provides light and dark surface shading ( two tone)

    It can be used directly over painted surfaces

    Hard wearing and abrasion resistant

    Low VOC

    Environmentally friendly

    Areas of use

    Velvetex can be used on prepared interior surfaces, as well as existing painted surfaces. It gives interior designers something creative and unique and offers the domestic market the potential to turn a wall into a piece of art!

    Applied with a steel trowel it can be applied by anyone turning a wall into their own. 

    Surface preparation

    New surfaces: Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are scraped and brushed away. Also ensure the surfaces are free from salts, oil, grease and ridges. Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered. All cracks, chips voids and damages should be repaired by Terraco Handycoat.

    Old surfaces: Before applying to old surfaces, ensure the substrate is clean, sound and dry. Prepare surface with one coat of Handycoat or one coat of penetrating primer depending on substrate conditions.


    Apply Velvetex in 3 coats using a stainless steel trowel or 2 coats using spray gun or roller to desired pattern , building up layers in a patchwork style application. Allow to dry between coats. Clean tools and equipment with water after use.