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Features & Benefits

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    Technical Data Sheets 

    Ambient Adhesive

    Ambient Adhesive DP

    Ambient Finishcoat DP

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Ambient Adhesive DP


    Acoustic Ceiling Systems

    Ambient Acoustic Systems 



  • Advantages of Ambient™ Sound Controlling Plaster 

    Excellent reverberation control

    Seamless and aesthetically pleasing acoustic finish

    Excellent design flexibility -  can be applied to curved and vaulted ceilings

    Available in 500 colour variations

    Non polarised material ensures low maintenance and easy cleaning

    Can be applied equally well to any substrate or suspended ceiling

    Incombustible. Fire rated to BS476 Part 6 and 7

    Non hazardous

    Excellent fungal resistance

    Vapour permeable

    Uses 80% recyclable material