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Ambient System Explained

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    Ambient Adhesive DP


    Acoustic Ceiling Systems

    Ambient Acoustic Systems



  • Terraco’s Ambient Acoustic System is comprised of two acoustic components which are used to achieve excellent acoustic properties.

    Ambient Acoustic Board or Ambient Basecoat  - Acoustic mineral fibreboard available in thickness 20-40. The board can be fixed to any substrate or metal furring structures. Ambient Finishcoat - Terraco’s decorative ambient finishing plaster is applied by spray in layers and available in a wide range of colours. It can be finished smooth or with a light texture.

    Used in rooms, halls or common areas suseptible to echo, unwanted noise or which would benefit from an enhanced atmosphere

    Features & Benefits
    • Hospitals

      Indoor swimming pools

      Art galleries



      Open plan offices


      Civic buildings

    • Shopping Malls

      Lecture theatres

      Meeting rooms

      Entrance halls

      Dining areas

      Schools and colleges

      Reception areas

      And for domestic use