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EIFS System Components

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    EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System)


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    P Primer


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    P Primer



  • Terraco EIFS strives to utilise the most suitable type of insulation board depending on the job at hand:

    Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board (EPS )is the most cost effective board used for general application and new buildings

    Graphite EPS has 10% more efficient insulation properties, hence thinner sections are required and the product lends itself well for renovation work.

    Extruded Polystyrene Insulatio Board (XPS) has excellent impact resistance for special use in high traffic areas of where impact can be expected. It is also excellent for hot countires where a board with low vapour permeability is desired.

    Mineral Wool Insulation Board (MW) has high breathability and is completety fireproof, so its use with wooden substructures is recommended. It is also recommended where the moisture level in the substrate is high.

    • PVC Corner Bead with Mesh

    • Window Reveal Bead

    • Drip nose Bead

    • Groove Bead

    • Movement Bead

    •  Starter Base Profile  

    Mechanical Fasteners
    • Fastener with Steel Expansion Pin

    • Fastener with Plastic Expansion Pin

    • Fastener for Aerated Lightweight Concrete (ALC)

    Terraco EIFS Glass Fibre Mesh
    Adhesive – Styrofix

    A polymer modified dry-mix adhesive promoting excellent adhesion between various substrates and the insulation boards.

    Basecoat - Styrobond 

    A polymer modified drymix basecoat, applied over the insulation boards, which gives the system impact resistance and flexibility. The reinforcing glass fibre mesh is embedded into Styrobond DP prior to application of finish coats


    Terraco offers a comprehensive range of primers for use with Terraco EIFS and these include P Primer Pigmented, P Primer Clear, P Primer Textured and Silprime.