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Sprayplaster Basecoat

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  • Terraco Sprayplaster Basecoat is a spray/machine applied filler and leveler where thicker layers are required to rectify irregularities. Sprayplaster Basecoat is can be used up to 10mm in thickness and fills cracks, holes and undulations to improve  the surface prior to the application of Sprayplaster Finishcoat.

    Terraco Sprayplaster Basecoat is a pinkish grey material and can either be used to rectify joints or over whole surfaces and can both be hand and spray applied.  Use on aerated  concrete, on rough concrete surfaces.

    Sprayplaster Basecoat can be used on semi exterior surfaces when combined with Sprayplaster CM.

    Features & Benefits
    • Gives huge cost  & time saving

      No cracks 

      Weight reduction

      Ready-mixed and ready-to-use

      Vapour permeable

      Quick drying time

      Low VOC

      Environmentally friendly

    • Allows a build up of up to 10mm in 2 coats 

      Inherent flexibility

      Reduced curing time


      No need for primer or sealer

      Can create decorative textured basecoats

      Excellent adhesion

      Can be overcoated on the same day

    Areas of use

    Suitable for all old and new ceilings

    Apply on pre-cast concrete, aerated concrete, cement/gypsum and sandstone blocks

    Gives a high quality, even surface for painting or other finishes

    Only 1-2 coats of paint if required


    For concrete ceilings first apply 1 coat Terraco Sprayplaster Basecoat at joints if necessary

    Apply a full coat of Terraco Sprayplaster Basecoat to cover all major andulations if required 

    Apply 2 coats of Sprayplaster Finishcoat and level smooth with spatula

    Optional 1 additional coat of Terraco Sprayplaster Finishcoat to create textured effects if required

    Can be over coated on the same day

    Comes in handy 25kg plastic bags