Handycoat® EZ Joint

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Handycoat® EZ Joint

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    Technical Data Sheet

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  • Handycoat EZ-Joint is specifically formulated ready-mixed filler compound for jointing gypsum board. It has excellent application properties and provides a superior bond for embedding tape and glass fibre scrim. It has excellent non-slump properties and is ideal for patching plaster cracks. It can also be used as a general purpose filler for cementitious surfaces.

    Features & Benefits
    • Easy handling

      Easy to application

      Ready mixed

      Excellent adhesion

      Extra flexible

      Good crack resistance

    • Low shrinkage

      Less dust when sanding

      Quick drying

      Low VOC

      Environmentally friendly

      18 month shelf life

    Areas of use:

    Handycoat EZ-Joint is primarily designed for jointing gypsum board, but is also suitable for embedding drywall tape and glass fibre scrim, for fixing metal corner beading and for patching plaster cracks.


    Apply a thin layer of Handycoat EZ-Joint to the joint and embed tape.

    Apply a further layer of Handycoat EZ-Joint and smooth surface.

    Finish with Handycoat Interior or Handycoat EZ-Skim.

    Leave to dry

    Wet sanding is recommended using a damp sponge, to avoid dust.

    Use 150 grit sandpaper for dry sanding