Handycoat® EZ Roll

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Handycoat® EZ Roll

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    Manchester Royal Exchange 


  • A ready-to-use roller applied skimcoat that levels any new or old uneven surface and blocks out stains. Rolled on and evened out with a spatula, it gives a perfect surface ready for your favourite paint or wall paper. Simply sand away any small undulations - no priming is required! 

    The perfect skimming product for any job at home. Everyone can use it.

    Features & Benefits
    • Easy roller application for even spead

      A natural finish ready for painting

      No mixing at home required

      No need for primer or sealer

      Simply clean tools with water after use

      Low shrinkage

      18 month shelf life

    • Inherent flexibility and excellent adhesion

      Vapour permeable

      Excellent coverage

      Quick drying time

      Low VOC (Low in Volatile Organic Compounds)

      Water based and environmentally friendly

    Suitable for use on:

    New  masonry surfaces 

    Existing painted surfaces

    Skimming gypsum boards

    Blocking out stains on walls and ceilings

    Even in bathrooms

    Repairs damages and small cracks and holes


    Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered

    Remove protruding nails and ensure surface is  free of dust and foreign matter

    For old surfaces wash and dry first if required

    Glide on with a roller and then smooth area with a spatula

    When dry the surface can be wet or dry sanded prior to painting

    Quick drying – can be overcoated within a couple of hours

    Comes in easy to use 5kg buckets

    For reuse clean side of bucket and cover the product with cling film