Resin Bound Surfacing options 

We offer some simple facts to help you make your choice

As the popularity of Resin Bound surfacing increases in the UK, so has the choice of products available in the market place.  Whilst the range of resin bound products may look similar when comparing samples, the costs can vary considerably. There are now specific resin bound surfacing products on offer to suit specific projects – from DIY applications to those installed by trained installers.

With such a choice, how do you know which resin bound product is the right one for your project?

At Addagrip we believe that the right product should be specified according to project requirements.  We strongly advise you do your research when it comes to choosing a resin bound surfacing system.

Take care and do your research to protect your investment:

Check that you are selecting the right product for the nature of your project – is it suitable for vehicular traffic, how long will it last, is it easy to maintain?

Ensure that you choose an approved installer for the product chosen.

 Check that the installer has a proven track record, if you can visit sites that have been down for 5 years or more it should provide some reassurance and confidence. 

 Make sure that the installer can advise you on what base is required for your project.

Ask if they offer a guarantee.

Check if the manufacturer of the surfacing system has any accreditations for its products – visit the company’s website to see what information and guidance they have available to help you make your choice.

Obtain samples to enable you to make a colour selection.

Check the resin content is sufficient to bind the aggregates to ensure structural integrity and endurance – some less expensive resin bound systems have a lower resin content and are prone to crumbling.

At Addagrip we have a range of resin bound surfacing options to suit your needs, all installed by our network of trained and approved installers to our exacting standards.  We have a vast portfolio of projects large and small – from Kew Gardens to small gardens – and we are always happy to discuss your project requirements. 

Why Choose an Addagrip product?

40 years’ experience in the resin manufacturing industry

 BBA certified Resin Bound Surfacing range

 Network of trained, approved Addagrip installers

 Extensive range of reference projects 

 NBS specifications and technical data sheets available for our products

 Technical team ready to help you with your enquiry

When you choose Addagrip, you can choose with confidence!
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