M.O.D. Training Facility

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  • Ministry of Defence Training Establishment

     Contractor - Specialist Industrial Coatings

    A Ministry of Defence Training Establishment specified a resin floor for a very detailed project which involved the creation of a new training area simulating a ship-based environment.

    The project area was split over two “decks” and required some very detailed and precise anti-slip and demarcation areas. The two levels were made up of different substrates, the lower level being concrete with steel checker plate conduit covers running throughout.

    A self-smoothing epoxy system was used on the lower deck, for its durability. Once cured the green walkways including an anti-slip finish were applied and bounded by the yellow demarcation lines. A circular demarcation area made up of a very high profile anti-slip material was applied to the client’s specification, bordered by a hazard marking line which was created using resin in alternate colours.