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  • Canader Pothole Repair

    Addagrip Terraco Ltd is the authorised distributor of Canader CE approved Pothole Repair - a uniquely blended, 6mm cold applied permanent solution for filling potholes.

    It can be used in all weathers without the need for expensive equipment, tack coats or primers, providing the most cost effective and simple solution to your pothole repair requirements.

    All Weather Installation
    Permanent Repair  
    Traffic Immediately
    18 Month Shelf Life
    Cost Effective

    Canader Pothole Repair is manufactured in accordance with BSEN13108 and is CE MARKED.


    Ensure pothole is free of debris and standing water. Square cut the repair back to good material and apply Canader Pothole Repair in 30mm  (minimum) layers. Apply until slightly proud of the repair, compact with a hand tamper, or ideally a mechanical alternative, then simply open to traffic. 

    • Square cut

    • Layered fill

    • Tamper

    • Finished repair

    Application rate depends on depth of pothole but a typical reinstatement of 30 mm deep would provide a coverage of approximately. 120kg per m²


    Canader has no special storage requirements. The product can be stored outside all year round and has a shelf life of 18 months.

    Available in 3 sizes: small bags (48 per pallet), 1 tonne bags, 30 tonne loose loads.

    Contact us to discuss your project requirements Tel: 01825 761333 or email: sales@addagrip.co.uk