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    Shaping and Sharing the Future – Milan Expo 2015

    (Credit: Norman Foster of Foster + Partners for above images)

    We were thrilled to be invited to discuss options for the resin bound surfacing requirement for the striking United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo which opened in May 2015.

    The pavilion, which was designed by Foster + Partners to represent the UAE’s historic settlements, is accessed from a canyon-like space consisting of two undulating high walls, with paths through the pavilion suggesting the narrow streets of an ancient desert city.  To enhance this representation, the surfacing needed to reflect the undulating sand dunes, texture, tones and climate of the desert environment.

    A number of bespoke shades of Addabound resin bound surfacing were produced, using a large percentage of locally sourced Italian aggregates. Once the bespoke blend selected by architects Foster + Partners had been thoroughly tested by our Research and Development Department, work on the pavilion commenced and an area of over 1200sqm of resin bound surfacing was  installed. ...  Full story

    European Games Park, Baku, Azerbaijan

    Addagrip are proud to have been involved in what we believe to be largest single global installation of Resin Bound surfacing at the new European Games Park, Baku, Azerbaijan.

    Having been approached by DDLAR Group regarding our external surfacing systems, our 3mm Scandinavian Pearl Addaset resin bound surfacing system was selected for installation at the prestigious Baku Aquatics Centre, created for diving, swimming and synchronised swimming events at this year’s 1st  European Games which took place in Baku in June. ... Full story

    Compass points

    Our approved contractor, Chameleon Ways Inc, have completed an extensive street scheme at the Bucks County Justice Centre in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The project comprised of 13 crosswalks, 2 large compass emblems each 10m in diameter and one more complex compass emblem (orientated magnetic to north) seated into an imprinted crosswalk material.

    Chameleon Ways Inc. installed the compasses using a template cut to scale for the project with pieces removed like a puzzle for each colour of material to be inserted. The more intricate compass, which is 4m in diameter, consisted of a Terrabound resin bound porous surfacing in Chestnut Brown with a bespoke colour blend for the Maroon, Green and White sections. ...  Full story

    BIM me up 

    Addagrip products are now available on the NBS BIM Library! Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative process for designing, constructing and operating a building during its life cycle. Designed to drive efficiencies through the construction supply chain, BIM will be mandatory on all government projects by 2016, driving a reduction in costs by 20%. 

    Addagrip BIM objects are ready to download from the homepage of our website. 

    External Surfacing brochure

    Our 2015 External Surfacing Brochure details all the Addagrip Resin Bound and Resin Bonded surfacing solutions with examples of our projects. You can download the brochure from our website by clicking here.

    PU Floor Green Line brochure

    The brochure has full details about one of our newest ranges, the designer interior flooring PU Floor Green Line. Please download the brochure from our website by clicking here.

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