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    Compass designs for street scheme in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

    Contractor  Chameleon Ways

    Addagrip approved contractor Chameleon Ways Inc. have recently completed an extensive street scheme at the Bucks County Justice Centre in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

    The project was comprised of 13 crosswalks, 2 large compass emblems each 10m in diameter and one more complex compass emblem (orientated magnetic to north) seated into an imprinted crosswalk material. The compasses where installed using a template cut to scale for the project and pieces removed like a puzzle for each colour of material to be placed.

    The more intricate compass which is 4m in diameter consisted of a Terrabound resin bound porous surfacing in Chestnut Brown with a bespoke colour blend for the Maroon, Green and White sections.

    The larger two colour emblems are a simple version of a compass rose (orientated to magnetic north) and are comprised of a bespoke blend maroon and grey resin bound Addaset with added filler content to meet the state and local guidelines for larger traffic areas. Work was completed at night to ensure minimum disruption.

    Having taken over 6 years from bidding to final install in May 2015, Chameleon Ways is delighted with the way that the finished project showcases the intricate application possibilities using a Terrabound resin bound surfacing system.

    Terrabound resin bound porous surfacing is a low maintenance, hard wearing, smooth decorative finish suitable for pedestrian and vehicle use and is ideal for creating logos and motifs as part of a paving scheme.