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    What is the difference between Addaset and Addastone?

    Addaset is a trowelled system that is mixed with the resin and laid to a smooth, level surface with no loose stone, providing a wearing course.

    Addastone is scattered and bonded onto a resin base and provides texture and the appearance of loose aggregate (surface dressing). The Addastone system will have some initial shedding of aggregate and needs to be swept until loose aggregate is removed.

    What colour is Addaset Resin?

    Addaset resin is clear ensuring the bound aggregates retain their natural appearance.

    How long after installing Addaset can it be trafficked?

    This will depend on your particular project and ambient temperature but typically curing times of 3 - 5 hours for light pedestrian traffic applications and 12 - 16 hours for vehicular traffic should be allowed.

    Should an edge detail be installed?

    A suitable edging detail should be specified using brick, stone, concrete, steel or aluminum as required, to ensure that a neat and tidy finish is provided and that edges are protected from spalling.

    Who installs Addaset?

    Addaset is installed through our network of fully trained and approved Addagrip installers throughout the UK.

    How long will the Addaset surface last?

    Anticipated life expectancy, depending on project and substrate, is between 8 - 15 years.

    The chosen installer cannot however cover any damage caused by forceful impact, reflective cracking from underlying concrete, damage caused by sinkage.