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    EP ADDAGRIP HD MORTAR is a solvent free three-part epoxy resin mortar. It has a wide variety of uses but is particularly suited for levelling or patching concrete floors, prior to over coating. When fully cured, EP ADDAGRIP HD MORTAR is a hard inert material offering excellent adhesion and mechanical properties.


    Surface Preparation

    The surface to be treated should be free of laitance, oil, grease and loose friable particles which could affect adhesion. Vacuum assisted shot blasting or grinding of the surface is recommended.

    The substrate must have a maximum of 4% moisture content and be protected any moisture ingress from underneath. Please refer to EP Addaprime data sheet for further information on preparation and application details.


    The contents of container labelled Part ‘B’ (Hardener) should be added to container labelled Part ‘A’ (Resin) and thoroughly mixed together using an electric paddle mixer or similar. The mixed resin should then be loaded in to a rotary drum mixer or similar and filler Part ‘C’ added in stages to achieve a uniform mixture. Failure to mix thoroughly will result in poor or non-cure applied material. Keep all components at room temperature 24 hours before use.


    The temperature of the substrate must be 3 degrees above the dew point temperature. See Addagrip Dew Point table. EP ADDAGRIP HD MORTAR should not be applied at temperatures below 10˚C nor above 30˚C.  Relative humidity should not exceed 80%. Apply the mixed EP ADDAGRIP HD MORTAR immediately by steel trowel. Suitable protective gloves must be worn.

    • EP Addagrip HD Mortar