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    Addagrip introduces PU Floor Green Line

    Addagrip, the leading resin bound and bonded surfacing manufacturer, has teamed up with Netherlands based Flowresin Group to launch a stunning new range of interior flooring called PU Floor Green Line.

    The seamless floor collection from Addagrip and Flowresin combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create a unique, durable flooring product that can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

    “A seamless floor needs to be laid completely flat and smooth which requires specific knowledge and accuracy,” says Roger Critchley, Managing Director of Addagrip, “Our experts at Addagrip and Flowresin have been fully trained to work with the best materials, providing the highest quality finish - ideal for any room in your home, office or shop.”

    What are the benefits of a seamless floor?

    Durability - Our PU seamless floor Green Line is an environmentally friendly floor with a sustainable sourced resin in its formulation. The PU Green Line seamless floor is very resilient so it can last a lifetime.

    Hygienic and easy to maintain – no more vacuuming! A quick daily swipe with a microfibre cloth is enough to clean the floor, removing dust and dirt in no time.

    Colour –the cast floor collection of Addagrip and Flowresin is available in a broad spectrum of individual or combined colours.

    Noise reducing - our screeds have a sound absorption, so they can also be installed in flats and apartment buildings.

    Ideal for use with underfloor heating – perfect with winter just around the corner.

    PU Floor Green Line is available from Addagrip, contact sales@addagrip.co.uk for more product information.

    Notes to editors:

    • Established in 1980, Addagrip is a leading resin manufacturing and formulating company, offering a range of high quality products to meet industry requirements.

    • Addagrip’s philosophy is to create and develop a wide range of high quality decorative and hard wearing surfacing solutions, installed through a network of approved contractors, to meet project requirements ranging from commercial schemes to domestic installations.

    • The current product range includes Addabound, Terrabound, Addastone Resin Bonded, Addastone TP Tree Pit, Addaset and Addacolor Resin Bound surfacing systems, along with a range of quality resin floor finishes and concrete protection resins.

    • Recent additions to the range are Addabound and Terrabound. Addabound is a resin bound surfacing with a minimum of 25% recycled content of aggregate and filler. Terrabound is Addagrip’s new commercial grade resin bound surfacing system.

    • Environmental considerations are important to Addagrip and its ongoing programme of research and development is continually striving to develop a product range that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

    • Addagrip products have been used in a variety of high profile projects including Media City UK in Salford, Edinburgh Zoo and Abbotsford House.


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