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  • EP Addasol Shieldcoat Solvent Based Coating

    EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT is a two part, 60% solids, pigmented solvent based epoxy resin using an especially blended solvent mix. EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT is designed for use as a pigmented coating or line marking paint for concrete, steel, architectural aluminium and galvanised steel.


    Surface Preparation

    The surface to be treated should be free of oil and grease which could affect adhesion. Surfaces should be abraded by shot blasting or similar to provide a suitable key. Priming with EP Addasol Shieldcoat Primer is recommended onto metal substrates.


    EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT is supplied in units ready to use comprising ‘A’ (Resin) and component ‘B’ (Hardener). First stir thoroughly contents in container ‘A’ to a homogenous consistency then scrap contents of ‘B’ into container ‘A’ and mix thoroughly for several minutes using a low speed electric drill. Use protective gloves and goggles. Failure to mix thoroughly will result in poor or non-cure applied material. Keep all components at room temperature 24 hours before use.


    The temperature of the substrate must be 3 degrees above the dew point temperature. See Addagrip Dew Point table. EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT should not be applied at temperatures below 10 ̊C nor above 30 ̊C. Relative humidity should not exceed 80%. Apply the mixed EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT immediately by brush, roller or squeegee on to the prepared surface. Particular attention should be given to areas around obstructions and protrusions making sure that all the surfaces are covered.

    • EP Addasol Shieldcoat Data Sheet