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    Addatex Stone Carpet is a polyurethane resin floor utilising a mix of natural and synthetic aggregates, bound in a clear resin providing a highly decorative and versatile resin floor finish for showrooms, offices, swimming pools surrounds as well as in the home.

    It has an open structured surface which contains countless pores filled with air. This creates the effect of a pleasantly warm and soft sensation similar to a carpet but with resistance to wear similar to ceramic tiles.

    PU Addatex BT Stone Carpet Cross Section

    Addatex Stone Carpet helps reduce noise from pedestrian traffic while the open matrix allows dust to fall into the open pores which means that it does not fly up when trafficked, yet can be easily removed with a standard vacuum cleaner. Spillages can easily be cleaned using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

    Addatex can be installed on to concrete or plywood at a typical depth of 6mm however, is not intended to withstand mechanical loads over 20Nmm2 or be subject to chemical attack.

    Benefits of Addatex Stone Carpet

    Choice of natural and synthetic materials

    Highly decorative

    Warm and soft underfoot

    Hard wearing

    Reduces noise from pedestrian traffic

    Over 100 colours to choose from

    Commercial and domestic use

    Can be sealed to help protect against spillages and assist with cleaning