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  • PU Addazing - Designer Resin Flooring

    Our latest twist in decorative or designer flooring pushes the technology of resins in a different direction. Addazing incorporates metallic and/or pearlescent pigments. Each floor, each mix and every finish is as individual as the people who choose it.

    The chemistry that makes this possible means that no two finishes are alike, creating fancy floors with a "wow" factor that can be as subtle or as bold as you like – now that's a designer resin floor or panel!

    Addazing Cross Sections
    • PU Addazing

    • PU Addazing (with Addaflor Base)

    Benefits of Addazing


    Every floor is unique


    Vast choice of colours - see examples

    Solvent Free

    Highly creative

    The latest trend in refurbishment and individuality has broadened the appeal for designer resin flooring in retail, leisure and domestic properties seeking artistic, individual designs or floors in specific colours. These floors create functional and spectacular statements reflecting the individuality of the setting. The creativity of the design is only limited by your imagination.

    Over the last decade resin technology has developed and improvements in formulations have increased design possibilities. Due to cost and restricted colour options, floor coating was once seen as only suitable for industrial applications, but such coatings now have far greater versatility due to reduced cost and a greater choice of colours.

    The accessibility of British Standard and RAL colour matching, as well as the new generation of solvent free resins, has encouraged a "designer" element to resin floors allowing creative patterns, colours and fancy effects from simple patterns to encapsulated flake or logos.