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    EP Addaflor resin flooring provides a tough, chemical resistant floor finish. The chemical interaction between the two component parts creates a surface that can be stronger than concrete.
    EP Addaflor Cross Sections
    • EP Addaflor (smooth)

    • EP Addaflor (textured)

    Chemical Resistance

    EP Addaflor provides a seamless and watertight finish with good chemical resistance to most chemicals such as alkalis, oils, fats, salt but limited resistance to acids in high concentrations. Primarily intended as a coating on concrete. The treated concrete surface will be easier to keep clean and has reasonable wear resistance. The adhesion to concrete is excellent.

    EP Addaflor can be pigmented in a colour of your choice, it has excellent wear resistance and provides a gloss surface on new or old concrete floors.

    Initial cure at 20oC is 10-16 hours at a depth of 250-300microns, full cure is achieved in 7days. 

    System Build Up Specification
    Surface Preparation:

    The surface should be free of laitance, oil, grease and loose friable particles which may affect adhesion. Diamond grinding or vacuum assisted shot blasting are recommended on smooth surfaces.


    The concrete should be primed with EP ADDAPRIME epoxy primer. Two primer coats are recommended to prevent possible pin holing. Alternative primers are available. For metal surfaces use EP ADDASOL SHIELDCOAT primer.

    Coloured Top Coat:

    Apply the EP Addaflor in your chosen colour applied at a typical rate of 4-5m2/kg

    EP Addaflor Downloads 

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    • EP Addaflor Datasheet