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Due to current global supply issues with raw materials, we are experiencing unprecedented shortages in raw materials and significant price increases.

Currently for our Addaset, Addabound, Stonebound UV, Addacolor and Terrabase UV systems, we are receiving a reduced allocation of a key ingredients. This is a global issue effecting the Resin Bound market, which regrettably we anticipate may last for several months. We are working hard to find alternative solutions and one option is to amend potential orders to one of our Terrabound or Terrabase Rustic Non UV systems which are currently readily available, but on a limited colour range. Should you wish to speak to one of our team for further clarification or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us 01825 761333

Please rest assured, everyone at Addagrip is committed to providing a strong, reliable service, despite these challenging market conditions and we thank you for your continued support and custom.

Addagrip Terraco Surfacing Solutions

  • External Surfacing

    The Addagrip range of Resin Bound Surfacing Systems provides a smooth, hard wearing, low maintenance porous/semi-porous paving using a range of natural and recycled aggregates.  SAMPLES RANGE

  • Internal & Industrial Flooring

    The Addagrip range of Internal and Industrial Flooring Systems provides hard wearing, low maintenance and decorative surfacing solutions to suit Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.

  • Specialist Treatments

    The Addagrip 1000 System Resin has been specifically developed to treat frost damaged, spalled or smooth concrete airfield pavements, concrete roads, concrete ramps and steps.

  • Finishing Materials

    Addagrip offer a selection of innovative and environmentally friendly Terraco finishing materials here in the UK including high quality fillers, plasters and External Wall Insulation systems.


  •  Why Choose Addagrip Terraco

    Established 1980 - over 40 years' experience in the resin surfacing industry

    The first UK BBA Certified Resin Bound surfacing range - Addaset, Addabound & Terrabound

    Range of quality surfacing and finishing materials for Residential and Commercial use 

    Installed by trained and approved contractors

    Extensive portfolio of case studies 

    Product Guarantee offering up to 25 years peace of mind

    A member of the Terraco group of companies

    Addagrip Terraco News

    Read our latest Newsletter to catch up with product updates and case studies.

BBA Resin Bound Systems 

Take a look at the Addagrip range of BBA approved Resin Bound porous surfacing systems for Residential and  Commercial projects. Suitable for Resin Bound Driveways, Paths, Patios, Pool Surrounds, Car Parks, Access Roads, Cycle Paths, Courtyards, Playgrounds, Pedestrian Schemes.

  • Addaset

    BBA Certified Product

    The Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing System provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous paving using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. 

  • Addabound

    BBA Certified Product

    Addabound retains all the features of resin bound paving with the added benefit of a minimum recycled content  of 25%. Hard wearing, low maintenance and porous. 

  • Terrabound

    BBA Certified Product

    Terrabound is our commercial resin bound system providing a smooth, contemporary, hard wearing, low maintenance and porous surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates.

Recent Projects  

View examples of the type of projects that have benefited from our range of high quality resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems.
  • Terrabase classic for trent bridge cricket ground terrace

    Terrabase Classic provides decorative resin bound finish for the 6th floor terrace at this famous cricket ground in Nottinghamshire  ...  Read more

  • Non-slip paths for historic urquhart castle on the shore of loch ness

    Resin Bonded Addastone and Resin Bound Terrabase Rustic selected to rejuvenate existing pathways as part of a £300,000 renovation project .. Read more  

  • Terrabase Rustic pathways for Wakehurst Place Botanic Gardens

    Terrabase Rustic creates resin bound woodland walkways for National Trust owned property in West Sussex ...Read more

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Addagrip Terraco RIBA Certified CPD Seminars 

Throughout the year Addagrip Terraco runs a series of CPD Seminars on SuDS Compliant Resin Bound Surfacing.  

This CPD seminar includes information on Resin Bound and Tree Pit  Surfacing Systems as well as Case Studies, Specifications, Base Build Ups and SuDS.  We are also happy to discuss future projects. Find out more about our CPD or get in touch to discuss your requirements and book your double points RIBA certified CPD.

In efforts to help prevent the further spread of Coronavirus, Addagrip Terraco is now offering CPD webinars.

Interested In Becoming An Addagrip Approved Contractor? 

With over 40 years experience in the resin surfacing industry, Addagrip Terraco is committed to promoting the highest standards of resin bound surfacing installation training to meet with BBA approval and ensure premium performance and lifespan of our high quality resin bound surfacing systems. 

Contact us 01825 761333 to speak to a member of the team or read more about our bespoke Training options