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  • Melior Street Gardens

    Terrabase Rustic provides resiliant surfacing for community garden in London

    Contractor Total Protection (GB) Ltd

    Terrabase Rustic Oak

    When it came to selecting a new surface for this busy community garden in London, Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound surfacing was the perfect solution to create a hard wearing, porous, decorative, natural aggregate surface that could be installed with minimum disruption.

    The Melior Street Garden was rejuvenated in 2009 with the help of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, Team London Bridge, Southwark Council and community volunteers, to provide a community garden which could help people with experiences of homelessness to get involved in activities and develop employability skills.   After a number of year’s public use, the existing hoggin surface was in need of replacement and Team London Bridge approached Addagrip to help find a practical, low maintenance surfacing system that would provide a more resilient surfacing option.   

    Choosing Terrabase Rustic, our innovative Resin Bound porous ‘no-dig’ paving system which can be installed onto an MOT Type 3 base or similar, meant that the existing hoggin surface could be used to form the base. 

    Henry Johnstone, Business & Operations Manager at Team London Bridge advised:

    “We manage a small park and community garden in central London which was in desperate need of refurbishment and chose Addagrip’s Terrabase Rustic for the re-surfacing work; a decision we took for a number of reasons: Firstly, the existing self-binding gravel surface would have been costly and time consuming to remove and prepare for a traditional resin bound gravel application so Terrabase Rustic’s overlay system was the obvious solution. Secondly, we always look to incorporate elements of sustainability in our projects so the SuDS compliant nature of the product was crucial. Thirdly, we required a surface that could cope with the heavy use of such a small space and keep maintenance to a minimum. Last and by no means least is the aesthetic value – the range of aggregates meant we could match it closely to the surrounding architecture and the photos show just how much of an improvement Terrabase Rustic has made to the space.”

    Addagrip approved contractor Total Protection (GB) Ltd was invited to install 180m2 of Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound surfacing applied at a depth of 30mm suitable for pedestrian use. The Total Protection installation team worked around the existing fixed furniture to create a smooth, seamless surface that requires very little maintenance and the selected Rustic Oak blend provides a very natural looking aggregate finish for this community garden but with all the benefits of resin bound paving.


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