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  • July 2015 Press Release

    ITV's 'Love your Garden' Features Addagrip's Terrabase Rustic To Restore Flood Victims' Somerset Home

    ITV’s flagship gardening make-over programme ‘Love Your Garden, hosted by TV personality Alan Titchmarsh, has used Terrabase Rustic – a patented paving system developed by Uckfield-based resin surfacing specialists Addagrip – to restore the garden of a family whose Somerset home was devastated by floods in 2014.

    Alan and his team’s transformation of the area wrecked by floodwater has come as an especially pleasant surprise to the Colquhoun family who had to deal with a double tragedy in 2014. Alex Colquhoun and his wife Sheila had been preparing to retire that year, but instead had to cope with the distressing news that Mrs Colquhoun had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after returning home to convalesce following exhausting treatment for her condition, the couple woke from their sleep to find their home knee-deep in water. The widespread flooding throughout Somerset subsequently made national news headlines.

    Eventually forced to evacuate their property, the Colquhouns found themselves homeless and had to seek temporary refuge in rented accommodation. At one stage, they even resorted to sleeping in their grandchildren’s bedrooms, meaning that all their carefully laid retirement plans had to be put on hold.

    The couple have now returned home to find their treasured garden transformed by Alan and his team into a virtual paradise, complete with American-style white picket fencing. The Colquhoun’s retirement is now firmly back on the agenda, happily coinciding with the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary this year.

    Addagrip’s approved installer, Resin Bonded Surfacing, travelled from Yorkshire and worked tirelessly all day to have their part of the job completed in time to make the Colquhoun’s dream come true.

    Two colours of Terrabase Rustic were used – Rustic Beach and Rustic Oak – to enhance the overall appearance and highlight the actual dining area.

    Commenting on Addagrip’s contribution to the project, Managing Director Roger Critchley said: “We were only too pleased to be involved with Alan and his team to make sure there was a happy homecoming for a couple who had endured such a torrid time. The overall job looks amazing and I am very pleased – I hope Mr and Mrs Colquhoun enjoy their retirement and go on to spend many happy hours in their new garden”.


    For further information, please contact Nicole Denny on: 01825 765617 or: Nicole@themarketingeye.com

    Notes to Editors

    • Established in 1980, Addagrip is a leading resin manufacturing and formulating company, offering a range of high quality products to meet industry requirements.

    • Addagrip’s philosophy is to create and develop a wide range of high quality decorative and hard-wearing surface solutions, installed through a network of approved contractors, to meet project requirements ranging from commercial schemes to domestic installations.

    • Terrabase Rustic – as used in the Love Your Garden project – is an innovative, patented paving system that provides a decorative and natural-looking rustic surface. It also creates a permeable, resin bound surface that is ideal for pedestrian footpaths and can be applied directly on to most surfaces and gradients, resulting in faster and more cost-efficient installation.

    • The current product range also includes Addaset, Addabound, Terrabound, and Addacolor Resin Bound surfacing systems, Addastone Resin Bonded and Addastone TP Tree Pit, along with a range of quality resin floor finishes and concrete protection resins.

    • Recent additions to the range are PU Floor Green Line, Addabound and Terrabound. PU Floor Green Line is a Polyurethane Resin Floor with high elasticity and colour pigmentation providing a bespoke and highly versatile Designer Resin Floor Finish. Addabound is a resin bound surfacing with a minimum of 25% recycled content of aggregate and filler. Terrabound is Addagrip’s new commercial grade resin bound surfacing system

    • Environmental considerations are important to Addagrip and its ongoing programme of research and development is continually striving to develop a product range that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

    • Addagrip products have been used in a variety of high profile projects, including Media City UK in Salford, Edinburgh Zoo and Abbotsford House.

    For further product information, please visit: www.addagrip.co.uk

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    Terrabase Classic  is an innovative patented porous resin bound surfacing system using our BBA approved resin bound Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound systems to give a contemporary aggregate appearance to paths and driveways for projects where a concrete or asphalt base is not an option. 

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